Our Mission

We are a group of veterinary professionals who’s main goal is to provide veterinary care in underserved areas of the world.  Uniquely, whenever possible we focus our efforts on areas of disaster and destruction. We are a 100% volunteer organization.

After working side by side for many years in various other organizations, a small group of veterinarians, veterinary technicians and scientists came together to form the 501(c) 3 non-profit organization called Visiting Veterinarians International.

Visiting Veterinarians International’s mission is to provide veterinary care to areas of the world who lack appropriate veterinary care or have limited access to veterinary care. Our efforts are to help control the stray animal populations, minimize suffering, prevent zoonotic disease, educate pet owners on veterinary maintenance needs and whenever possible provide assistance to pets in areas who have suffered from disasters or accidents. Each campaign we organize is in collaboration with local animal welfare groups to help support the community for continued subsistence with ongoing veterinary care after we are gone.

All of our members are 100% volunteers who travel at their own expense to help support animals in need. Each volunteer provides their own airfare to the location, gives up their vacation time at work and provide their skills and knowledge to help these animals. Each campaign is dependent on fundraising and grants to provide the necessary medications and supplies to perform each campaign.

Our Board Members