Our Projects

Marshall Islands

January 2020, 19 volunteers with Visiting Veterinarians International teamed up with MIAOW Majuro a NGO in Majuro Marshall Islands to provide veterinary care to 486 animals on the Island of Majuro. Majuro has not had veterinary care on the island since 2015. We provided skilled teams of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary assistants who traveled from the areas of the United States, Japan, Australia and United Kingdom, to execute a community wide spay/neuter campaign as well as health consultations for 486 dogs and cats in need. VVI set up in 3 different locations about the island of Majuro offering these services. MIAOW Majuro provided lodging, local transportation and meals for the volunteers in exchange for the anesthetics, medications and supplies that Visiting Veterinarians International provided during the campaign. We exceeded our goal of helping provide veterinary care to over 400 animals as well as gather information on the status of heart-worm infection, tick borne diseases, radiation effects and genetic makeup of the animals residing on Majuro, Marshall Islands.


January 2022 we will be teaming up with Punta Gorda Humane Society and Belmopan Humane Society to provide a community wide Spay/neuter campaign as well as health consultations for dogs and cats of Belize. We aim to treat over 300 pets during our 3 days in Punta Gorda and 3 days in Belmopan. Punta Gorda and Belmopan are towns that have grown close to our hearts and we will visit these towns from time to time to help them with their pet care needs. http://www.puntagordahs.org/ & https://www.belmopanhumanesociety.org/

First Nation Communities of Northern Manitoba

We will be teaming up with Save a Dog Network and SPCA International to provide ongoing remote spay/neuter and vaccination clinics to First Nation Communities in Northern Manitoba, Canada. Dates to be determined, estimating August 2022. Please stay tuned for our updated progress and more details as this campaign evolves. Please check out: https://www.facebook.com/SaveADogNetworkCanada/ and https://www.facebook.com/spcai/

Our Sponsors

National Institutes of Health (Dog Genome Project)

University of South Carolina

SPCA International

Punta Gorda Humane Society

The Annie Jo Foundation

Marshall Islands Organization for Animal Welfare

Supera Anesthesia Innovations

The Winnick Family Foundation

KlipTrio/Innovative Pet Product Design

Save A Dog Network Canada

Belmopan Human Society